Saturday, May 7, 2011

PaperPortraits Puzzle Design Preview

 Kathryn was assigned two more laser cut wood puzzle projects.
Van Gogh's "Bridge In the Rain After Hiroshige"
10"x 13.5"
It will be about 280 pieces.
This puzzle  will have Japanese themed Whimsy pieces like Geisha Girls and Samurai Warriors.
Packaged in a pine wood box.  Price: TBA
 Henri Rousseau's "The Dream"
10.25" x 15"

About 300 pieces.
Packaged in a pine wood box.
This one will have jungle animal Whimsies. :) Price: TBA
Their release will be announced when they come out several months from now. Keep checking on the side bar Etsy store for Kathryn's latest puzzles and other fun Silhouette items!