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Silhouette Artist Kathryn at Your Wedding Reception

Silhouette of Bride and Groom by Silhouette Artist Kathryn Flocken.

Silhouettes at Weddings make for a unique entertainment experience, as well as memorable wedding favors for the Guest to keep forever.

Please watch Silhouette Artist Kathryn Flocken's Wedding Video that shows samples of  her work, basic set-up needs, what the Guest Book looks like, what the frames look like, and what the mounting card looks like that each Guest will receive their Silhouette mounted on.
(Be sure to click on the lower right corner of the video to enlarge to Full Screen).

Each Silhouette is hand cut with surgical scissors only! No drawing, tracing or Photoshop!

Each Silhouette takes only about 2 minutes per person to cut!
Up to 100 Silhouettes can be hand cut at your reception in a 4 hour time period.
 Each Silhouette comes mounted on this attractive card.

Elegant Black Oval Frames compliment the Silhouette Wedding Favor
 and are an optional extra if you like!.
Either a small or large Guest Book is now included FREE as part of your Wedding Package.
The small Guest Book is for a Wedding party of 100 or less and just Kathryn
as your Silhouette Artist.
The large Guest Book is for a Wedding  with 100+ Guests, Kathryn and one other Silhouette Artist.
Please inquire for a second Artist, Kathryn has team members on hand ready to serve you!

Elegant Black Oval Frames are also available as an option.
 Please send an inquiry about the discounted rate for Weddings!
Look at this yummy Custom Silhouette Wedding Cake!
 This Bride and Groom not only hired Kathryn to cut their Silhouettes at their Wedding, they also themed everything around the Silhouettes made of them in advance.
The Bride and Groom had their Pastry Chef turn my paper Silhouettes into edible chocolate pieces of art.
What a SWEET idea for a cake topper!

 Now Kathryn offers Custom Cake Topper Silhouette Sets Made for Your Wedding!
The Silhouettes are freehand cut from your photos first,
 then the artwork is computerized and laser cut from food safe acrylic.
Full body custom laser cut acrylic Wedding Cake Topper Silhouettes also available!

Kathryn normally cuts Silhouettes for 4 hours, beginning at cocktail hour.
Kathryn can move easily from cocktail hour into the reception area.

Set up needs are simple~ just a small draped table and two chairs of the same height.
A well lit room or a lamp is fine to "shed a little light on the subject."
For more information and to send inquiries, please visit:

Click on the email, and please include your wedding date, time, location and number of Guests in the inquiry.  

Kathryn has been featured on national television and magazines cutting Silhouettes.