Friday, March 27, 2009

Silhouettes of Your Precious Pets.

Our four-legged friends are so dear! What better way to show they are valued family members than to have their shadows "immortalized" along with yours!

You can have your Pooch or Kittie's Silhouette cut...and even have their special markings added in if you like.
Equestrian Silhouettes.

Cat Silhouettes. Collars can be added in at no additional cost!

Dog Silhouettes. You can have multiple pets in a Silhouette portrait, too.

Silhouette Artist and pet lover Kathryn Flocken with Mei Mei.
"I'll take extra care to do a great job making your pet's hand-cut Silhouette!"
To see more samples, click here:
*Special requests are taken, so don't be afraid to ask.*

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Silhouettes at Your Special Event~ What You Get!

Each Guest will receive one copy of their Silhouette portrait mounted on either a plain white 5x7 inch piece of white card stock paper, or they can have it mounted on a very nice card with a scroll pre-printed on it.

I also make an additional loose copy of each Guest for you to keep and
scrapbook, or to make a collage from as a remembrance of the day!
**NEW! Guest Book or collage made on the spot at your event!

If you would like your Guests to have frames, they are available at a discounted bulk purchase rate.

I can normally do about 100 portraits in 4 hours at most parties. At weddings, however, there are breaks in the schedule to cut the cake, make announcements, etc. Because of these breaks (where it would be impolite to work, as attention is focused on the Bride and Groom!!!), I can do about 60 portraits in 4 hours. If you would like to have a second Silhouette Artist, I can arrange that! With two Silhouette Artists at a wedding, upwards of 100-120 Guests can have their portraits made in that time.

When making an inquiry about your event, please include the date, time and location of the event. See more information on the Special Events page of

Monday, March 23, 2009

Special Request Silhouettes

Carolyn R. from Illinois wanted a Silhouette made of her Granddaughter (top photo). She sent a photo of a Silhouette that had been made ages ago of her Great Great Grandmother, and wanted her Granddaughter's to be compatible to it. The Great Great Grandmother's Silhouette (middle photo) measured 2 1/2 inches high by 1 1/2 inches wide, and was a reversed or "hollow cut" style of Silhouette.
It was a fun project to recreate a matching Silhouette of Carolyn's Granddaughter, and the orders are rolling in for these specialty Silhouettes!
If you would like to have a Silhouette made in a certain size or color, don't be afraid to ask. Send an email inquiry along with your photos to for a quote!