Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Puzzles ARE IN!

Here is a preview of the next laser-cut pine wood puzzles designed by 
Silhouette Artist Kathryn Flocken.

 Puzzle info:
Rosso Fiorentino (1494–1540) 
Title Italian: Madonna dello Spedalingo
English: Altarpiece of Santa Maria Nuova
Date 1518(1518)
Size: 9"x11"
Piece count: 228
Connector Pieces: Earlets and Angel Wings.
Whimsy pieces will include: Cherubs and Instruments of the 16th century.
Packaged in a draw string bag.
Price: $50

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5Awesome and Unique Mystery Puzzle!Jul 09, 2011
By Star Gazers
We are big time fans of Artifact's wooden jigsaw puzzles, and have done many, many of them. But this is the first puzzle that we have tried where there was no "picture" of the end result and, in addition, there are no straight edges to serve as borders. You will have to trust us when we tell you that what seemed at first to be a daunting task turned into a Great Adventure!
When we poured the puzzle pieces from the bag to the table, we were enchanted with the many wonderful "whimsy pieces" that the puzzle artist created for us to appreciate. As we made progress on the puzzle, we were able to slowly understand the theme and picture that was unfolding. There are several wonderful surprises that emerge in the design and theme of this puzzle which make it very unique.
Indeed, we have decided that this gem is our favorite Artifact puzzle, offering both the great fun of discovery and the delight of the beautifully crafted wooden pieces and whimsy designs. We wish we could tell you more, but we do not want to spoil your own great adventure.
We cannot wait for the next Surprise Picture Design from Artifact! And we encourage you to enjoy this one while it is still being offered.
We heartily recommend this Artifact "Surprise" wooden puzzle.

Thank you so much for the surprise puzzles I received in the mail from so glad it has no picture as I have gotten into the habit of going forth without visual idea of what I am trying to reproduce.....can be frustrating but very your the subjects and am very fond of the depictions of the greatly differing artistic styles.....very eclectic and better than valium for an unquiet mind...thank you again....A HUGE FAN.....Bonnie L.

A follow-up on your surprise...tis one of the more beautiful ones I have done and I will pass it to a special person...again THANK YOU   Bonnie L.

 Indian Miniature Palace.
This Puzzle will have Hindu gods and goddesses as Whimsy pieces.
7.25" x 10.5".
Piece count: 171
Packaged in a drawstring bag.
These are the Hindu gods and goddesses that will be featured Whimsies 
in the Indian Miniature Palace puzzle.
A Customer Review and their photos of the Hindu Puzzle:
Your Hindu Temple artifact puzzle that we completed! It's just gorgeous! :)
My girls with your Hindu Temple artifact puzzle that we completed. They loved working on it with me. Thank you for creating puzzles that are not only beautiful to look at, but are beautifully made too! The whimsy pieces are so fun and the puzzle is quite challenging too (in a good way). My kids always prefer more challenging puzzles that take time to work on. The artistry in your puzzles are just simply amazing! :)
Lori O.