Thursday, October 28, 2010

Laser Cut Wood Jigsaw Puzzles

Kathryn was invited by Seattle, Washington based company Artifact Puzzles to become one of their puzzle designers. She gladly accepted this new venture, and is pleased to release the first three of her puzzle creations. These puzzles are for sale directly from the Artist, and can be purchased on her Etsy store:

This 310 piece puzzle is a painting of a charming flying machine by Russian neosurrealist Sergey Tyukanov. The pieces are connected with delightful cloud-shaped connectors and feature 15 themed whimsy pieces designed by silhouette artist Kathryn Flocken. Like all our puzzles, made with 1/4" thick wood in Seattle, USA. Packaged in a pine wood box.

This 156 piece piece puzzle features one of Monet's most famous paintings. The puzzle has 14 themed whimsy pieces including Monet himself and ladies with parasols, as well as delightful leaf-shaped and bird-shaped connectors, all designed by Silhouette Artist Kathyrn Flocken. The puzzle is laser-cut in Seattle USA out of 1/4" wood, and comes in a drawstring pouch.

This 293 piece puzzle features an 18th century painting of flowers by J. C. Roedig. The original painting was sold in auction for $1.8 million in 2009. This puzzle has over 20 themed whimsy pieces designed by Silhouette Artist Kathryn Flocken, as well as leaf shaped connectors. This puzzle is made of 1/4" thick wood and laser-cut. Packaged in a pine wood box.


Coming in November:

 This puzzle is a map of the famous neighborhoods of San Francisco (Chinatown, the Presidio, Haight-Ashbury, etc.), with each neighborhood marked by a different San Francisco-related quote by famous authors such as Mark Twain, Thomas Pynchon, Maya Angelou, etc. The map was created by Ian Huebert. The puzzle has many San-Franciso themed whimsy pieces, designed by Silhouette Artist Kathryn Flocken. This puzzle is laser-cut 1/4" wood and made in Seattle, USA. This puzzle is packaged in a drawstring bag.

Puzzle Reviews and Feedback:
That's awesome! :) Thanks for letting me know status and for letting me know when it's ready for purchase. By the way, my son loved his "bottle ship" puzzle! :) He was impressed with it!
Thank you.