Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Alice in Wonkaland" B'Nai Mitzvah

 Myles and Mia had their B'Nai Mitzvah at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando.
The theme for the evening was 
"Alice in Wonkaland."

Check out these yummy decorations! 
(Click on the images to enlarge.)
"Alice in Wonderland" dining area for Mia, and a surprise reveal later for Myles:
a "Wonka Room" filled with all the candy Guests could eat!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Neopolitan Life Magazine

PaperPortraits received a mention in 
this month's issue of 
Neapolitan Life Family Magazine. 
Hand-Cut Silhouettes make a super gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day and the Holidays!

To have your Silhouette made from a photo, go to
and click on "Portraits by Mail."

Friday, May 21, 2010

Silhouettes and Smiles

Smiley Media in Austin, Texas held a Corporate Event to unveil their new office space. Kathryn cut Silhouettes of the Guests while they ate appetizers, drank wine, and looked around at the new digs~ which take over the entire 16th floor of the Omni building in Downtown Austin!

Dozens of Silhouettes were cut and pasted on heavy mat boards, then hung strategically all over the new office throughout the evening. Guests were invited to leave a message on their Silhouettes, 
and were also given a second copy of their portrait to keep.

For booking Silhouettes at your Corporate Event, please click on the following LINK and send an email inquiry with the date, time and place of your Event.

This beautiful and eco-friendly birds nest structure was nestled in the Smiley Media office, too. It was built by the Solid Core folks from Portland, Oregon, and features an archway entrance, windows to peek through, lighting, and a large circular seating area. Simply elegant!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1930's Style Wedding at the Grand Floridian.

This Art Deco style wedding for Nicole and Evan took place at the Grand Floridian Hotel located on Walt Disney World property. Nicole had a table full of hats for Guests to choose from for when they posed for their Silhouette portrait.

 Nicole's Vendor Review from
Kathryn Flocken Best favors ever! I had never seen silhouettes cut so quickly and perfectly, and obviously neither had anyone else! She had a small mob around her all night just to watch the process. Everyone got one to take home and we got a book with another set that everyone signed. We brought vintage hats for the guests to use, and she even managed to put netting into the cuttings!

For Silhouette cutting at your Special Event, please go to 
and send an email inquiry including the date, time and location of your Event!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Silhouettes at Caroline and David's Wedding

 Caroline and David were married on May 15th in the Tampa area.

Vicki and Stuart beaming with JOY on their daughters' Big Day!


 Silhouettes were made for the bulk of the Guests at this large 208 person Wedding
that took place at the Lange Farm in Dade City.
A paste-up helper was there on hand to speed up the process, and frames were given as gifts to each member of the wedding party. 
Two copies of the Silhouettes were made, one for the Guest to keep, and a second copy that was mounted into a Guest Book for the Bride and Groom to keep!

Saving the best subject for last!

A note from the Mother of the Bride:
YOU WERE MAGICAL.... love the book.
Thank you for being a part of our day.
A note from the Bride and Groom:

For inquiries on prices and availability, please go to
Send an email including the date and location and time of your wedding reception.

Wedding Photography by
Central Florida's best Wedding Photographer! 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Customer Reviews and Thanks

 "Hi, Kathy!
Just wanted you to know I received my Silhouettes and love them!  My mom loved hers, too - thank you so much for adding the frame!  Even my kids got a kick out of seeing their profiles.  I appreciate your getting those out to me so promptly.
Thank you!

"The Allen-Moore family is thoroughly pleased! Kathryn is positively brilliant at the art of making silhouettes! We received our order in lightening speed and our fragile frames were packaged so carefully-they escaped all rough handling from the USPS! We cannot thank Kathryn enough! They hang beautifully on the wall now and we adore them. They were so well executed-so perfect! We will highly recommend you...."

"Totally incredible art work! I am blown away! Thank you!
Nichols Clark"

We got your silhouettes today, and they are beautiful!!!!!! FANTASTIC! I can't believe you were even able to get John's little facial hairs on his chin, you are amazing!!!
Also, we sent back the contract and deposit on friday morning, hopefully you will receive it early next week! 
Thank you for the great service!!!!!!
Courtney & John"

The portraits arrived today and I love them!! They are an amazing
likeness of each of the kids and are just wonderfully done. They are
already framed and hanging on my dining room wall!
Thank you so much for such beautiful and quick work!

Thank you so much. The silhouettes arrived yesterday and I absolutely love them. Our granddaughters are 13 and 18 and I wouldn't let the 13 yr. old get her hair cut and given to locks of love until she had her picture taken for the silhouette. They are so precious and you did a fantastic job. I will pass your name and your good work along. Have a wonderful night and may God bless you each day. If I ever need another silhouette I know who "cuts" the best. 
Thank you Kathryn, 
Margaret S.

received your beautiful Jamesey silhouettes~
you captured his butterfly long eyelashes and hair and profile so beautifully! thank you
you're a True artiste! 
Love always, Paula

Hi Kathy -
 We wanted to let you know that we received the silhouettes of the boys on Friday. They are exquisite! Thank you! They are both already framed and hanging in our home and we are enjoying them so much!
 Happy Spring!
 Heather and Andy

I received the silhouette of is magnificent!  This will be the most fabulous birthday gift I've ever given.  I am thankful for your talented work.
Praise to you for earning good money doing what you love!!

Client Feedback on Gigmasters from Rachel T., a Bride that hired Kathryn to cut at their Wedding reception:

Absolutely a FIND! Kathryn is a real artist and watching her create her silhouettes for our guests were just as fun as having our own made! It was a perfect wedding favor for our guests and ours will always adorn the walls of our home. Everyone at our wedding was mesmerized watching Kathryn turn out delicately-enchanting silhouettes in under 90 seconds a piece! We couldn't have asked for more... she went out of her way for us in every way and made extra copies for us with the additional time we had reserved. She is a treasure! Book her while you can!

Customer Ratings

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Custom Wedding Silhouette from Two Photos

This Custom Wedding Silhouette was made from a blend of two photos. 
This 11"x14" portrait was a gift from Linda to her best friend, the Bride.
To have a portrait like this made, please visit and send an email inquiry with your photos.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Color Paper Pet Portrait

This pet portrait of Daisy was made in an 8"x10" size with layer upon layer of hand-cut paper.
To see more samples, please visit
and click on the color paper gallery.
Send an email inquiry with your photos for a price quote.

A note from Daisy's Owner:
Received 'Daisy' today....LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, your hands are probably a little sore after all those curvy cuts!
Thank you so much Kathryn, I couldn't be happier,