Monday, May 11, 2009

Sonogram Silhouette

I often get asked, "Do you do baby Silhouettes? What's the youngest person you've ever done?" When I tell people I've even worked from ultrasounds, they feel a lot better about my capabilities to have their "Wiggly Kid" sit in my chair!

So, I was thrilled to get yet another opportunity to make a Silhouette from a sonogram. This time, however, I asked the Mom-to-be if I could borrow the picture to scan, and put the photo plus the Silhouette up on my blog.

Patty and Richard C. are 12 weeks along, and this is their Baby, and the Silhouette made from the ultrasound! Congrats!
You can have your child's sonogram made into a silhouette. You will get your choice of 8x10 background in either pink, blue, soft green, or soft yellow.

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