Friday, April 24, 2009

Move Over, Tupperware!

Lisa B. of Orlando saw me cutting Silhouettes recently and asked for my card. She had remembered me from a book signing at Barnes & Noble book store on Colonial and Bumby years ago when my book came out. She said she was going to contact me with a really "cool" idea.

Soon after, Lisa sent me an email and asked if I might be interested in doing a party where she'd gather the people together in her home on a specific date, and they would purchase Silhouettes, frames and merchandise from me directly on the spot.

I decided why not! It was something different, close to home, and would only take about three hours. So, we set a date. A few weeks later, I went to Lisa's home and set up my Silhouette goodies on Lisa's dining room table. Lisa had gathered about 15 families together, and they all took numbers and hung out in the back yard while waiting for their turn in line.
Silhouette Artist Kathryn Flocken hard at work...

This family used a musical card to entertain their daughter while I cut her Silhouette.

"Weeeeee! This is much better than waiting in a long, hot line at a theme park to get my Silhouette done!"
More fun hanging out in Lisa's back yard...

So, there were Silhouettes, food, and lots to drink for all. The kids got to play, and the parents had some time to relax and have a glass of wine with their pizza.

If you live within a 90 mile radius of East Orlando and would like to host a Silhouette a party like this at your home, email me! All you have to do is gather about 15 families, and we'll coordinate a day for me to come by and have everyone's Silhouette made.

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