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New Silver and Gold frames for sale, too!

Cosmic Alphabet. Written and Illustrated by Kathryn K. Flocken


Cosmic Alphabet Written and Illustrated by Kathryn K. Flocken

Cosmic Alphabet is a star studded A-Z adventure!
A cast of colorful characters ranging from a soaring Angel to a xylophone playing Space Alien will take children on a whimsical tour through the Alphabet, our galaxy...and the limits of their imaginations!

Further Description: An A-Z poem, set to soothing, ethereal music, with artwork for each letter.
Suitable for both boys and girls ages 4 and up.
Format: CD Rom to play on your computer.
Length: 5 1/2 minutes long.
Available on CD-ROM in my Etsy Shop for $6.50 plus S&H.

A FULL COLOR BOOK!!!!!******