Sunday, April 4, 2010

Portraits for Themed Weddings

These portraits were made for an Alice in Wonderland themed Wedding. 
Each measures 16"x20".
The Couple initially tried to do this project themselves in Photoshop, but to no avail.
Changes were made to the characters, especially the White Rabbit. The Couple wanted the ears separated, and defined clothing. I also decided to add in the white collar, the hair on his chin and a button.
For the Mad Hatter, eyebrow hairs were added, white collar detail, and some polka-dots on the tie to give it added detail.

Etsy Review from Customer:
I requested custom silhouettes of the white rabbit and the mad hatter for my wedding in a huge 16x20 size, and the portraits were beautiful, and so creative!! She was incredibly fast, and responded so quickly to all my emails -- she even checked to make sure i liked what she had in mind before she made them. A very conscientious seller indeed...

I screwed up a little by giving her the dimensions but not the shape of the frames I was putting them in, so I unfortunately had to fudge them a little to get in the frame - but that was my mistake - not hers, and they still turned out beautiful!

All in all they were gorgeous and I would highly recommend her to all future buyers!!

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