Thursday, April 15, 2010

International Museum of Photography Workshop

A workshop will be held at the  International Museum of Photography on the evolution of drawing with early apparatus. In particular the physionotrace which was used by so many American and European silhouette artists from the late-18th to mid-19th centuries. 
Being a photography museum, they are naturally interested in light based imagery. These techniques are what eventually lead to the invention of photography. And so, will also cover camera obscura, tent camera obscura and camera lucida.
If you or someone you know might be interested in this unusual workshop, 
please Click here.

Contact information:
Mark Osterman
Process Historian
George Eastman House
International Museum of Photography
900 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14607-2298
The silhouette is "taken" by tracing the virtual shadow image of the sitter while the device simultaneously draws the profile in miniature on the paper above. 

 Illustration of an original physionotrace from around 1810

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