Thursday, June 11, 2009

Large Silhouettes...Plus More!

11x14 Custom Hand-Cut Silhouettes of Elizabeth and Virginia by Silhouette Artist Kathryn Flocken

Susan J. of Fayetville, GA wanted to know if I could do an order for her with multiple pieces, all in different sizes. Of course I was more than happy to oblige! We were having a rather large "rain event" here in Florida, so I was more than happy to do a big chunk of work while stuck in the house anyway.

Basically, Susan wanted her daughters to be showcased as the largest pieces, then have three girls doing several activities as the medium sized pieces, and two little birds as the tiniest pieces.

I suggested we do her daughters as 11x14's. The girls as 8x10's, and the birds as 5x7. She seemed to like the idea, so we went forward with the order.

8x10 hand-cut Silhouettes of a swinging girl, a reading girl, and a ballerina.

The little hand-cut birds were oh-so sweet, and were 5x7 inches each in size.
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