Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pricing for Special Events

I read on another person's blog that they couldn't quite get a handle on how Silhouette Artists set their pricing for events. I think they were a bit befuddled at the various range in prices. They may have made inquiries to Silhouettists across the US, possibly not considering the following important factors I will be laying out below. I thought I might address the issue here then, on my own Blogspot to help clear up some confusion.

First and foremost, I am NOT speaking for ALL Silhouettists, just me. But I do know other "Arteests" and this is how we seem calculate our fees.

1. The world is big! Where is your event taking place first off? I have to get there, and that is what takes up the most amount of time. Doing the gig is the fun part!

Please consider that since you want me there to perform, the following will be calculated into the total cost of my performance depending upon where your event takes place:

Airfare if applicable, rental car if applicable, gas, tolls, meals, and a hotel room if applicable. THEN the fee for cutting Silhouettes. Frames may also be added into the price as well if you desire. Otherwise, each Guest will receive one copy of their portrait mounted on an attractive card that it suitable for framing in a 5"x7" frame of their own choosing.
I am located in Orlando, airfares would be calculated from Orlando International Airport (MCO). If you are within, say, a 300 mile radius of where I live, then I will most likely drive to you. Locals get a discount (Local= within a 50 mile radius of my home). Locals only have to pay my fee with no other costs added on top. This is only logical and fair.
I can generally do upwards 80 ~ 100 portraits in a four hour period. I generally only take one 5 minute break during my performance time, while other Artists may work for 45 minutes, then break for 15. So with me, 4 hours = 4 hours, not 3!

2. How many hours is your event? Most artists have a minimum amount of hours for which they perform, and this practice is normal. I usually do a 4 hour minimum, but can be flexible~ especially for local events.

Other than that, that is how we do it! For me, my tech requirements are really simple. See the photo above and you'll know what I mean. All I need is a small draped table, two chairs of the same height, and ambient light or a lamp to work by.

Here is a list of some of the favorite events I have worked:
The Four Seasons Restaurant. Manhattan, NY
Mandalay Bay Hotel, Casino and Convention Center. Las Vegas, NV.
The Venetian Hotel, Casino and Convention Center. Las Vegas, NV.
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Hollywood, FL.
Mizner Park. Boca Raton, FL.
The Breakers Hotel. West Palm Beach, FL.
Washington DC Convention Center. DC.
Grand Cypress Hotel. Orlando, FL.
Grand Cypress Equestrian Center. Orlando, FL.
Cutie Patootie Children's Botique. Memphis, TN.
Garriott Estate. Austin, TX.
Pepin's Hospitality Center. Tampa, FL.
Ruth Eckerd Hall. Tampa, FL.
Country Club of Orlando. Orlando, FL.
Ritz Carlton's Fairway Pub. Orlando, FL.
Mansion on Forsyth. Savannah, GA.
Cincinnati House. Savannah, GA.

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