Saturday, December 20, 2008

How to Mail Order Silhouettes from a Photo

Ordering Silhouette Portraits is easy! Just follow these simple steps*:

1. Take a CLEAR, RIGHT profile photograph of each subject you wish to have done. (Stand 4 feet from subject. Get at eye level with subject. Have subject stay STILL...and NO smiles! Get the subjects' entire head and all of their hair in the photo. Take photos of each subject individually, no matter what!! If you are unsure of a photo, take a few and I will work from the best one.) You will receive THREE COPIES of your artwork!

2. Print the name of the person on the back of each photo, and place photos with your order. You can also email digital photos to me if you prefer.

3. Fill out and print this form (or send it in an email with your photos attached).
Make your check or money order out to Kathryn K. Flocken.

4. Mail to: Kathryn K. Flocken P.O. Box 547812 Orlando FL 32854-78125. Receive your Silhouettes and photos back in about 2-3 weeks.

Order Form
Quantity Total
____ Single. $25 each. ________
____ Double. $40 each. ________
____ Triple. $55 each. ________
____ Quadruple. $70 each. ________
____ Frames. $12 each. ________
____ Personalization. FREE.

Subotal $___________
S&H $___________
Total $___________

Shipping Chart: $0-$10= $6.oo/ $10.01-$25.00=$8.00/ $25.01-$40.00=$10.00/ $40.01-$55.00=$12.00/ $55.01-$70.00=$14.00/ $70.01-$250.00=$15.00
Please ship to:






Update: You can also go to to pay by credit card.

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