Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mary Poppins Themed Birthday Party with Silhouettes and Matching Cake Topper!

This adorable Birthday Party took place in Jacksonville, FL,
and had a Mary Poppins Carousel theme.
Original Cake Topper Silhouette by Silhouette Artist Kathryn Flocken.
Designed and hand cut just for the occasion!
Sweet Birthday Girl turned 3! She and all of her friends had their Silhouettes cut on the spot.
Extra copies of the Silhouettes were given to the parents to scrapbook later.
What super decorations!
Silhouette Artist Kathryn cutting live on the spot.
Each portrait takes about 90 seconds per person, and a Cake Topper Silhouette can be custom designed to match the theme of your specific party!
For prices and availability, please visit and send an email inquiry.
Please include the date,
location (city, state and country),
 time of event,
number of Guests,
and theme!

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