Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hand Carved Silhouette Pendant Charms

 Hand Carved Silhouette Pendant Charms!
What a way to keep your child's portrait...FOREVER!!

The Silhouettes were made from these photos.
(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Here are the paper Silhouettes made from the photos. They were sent to the Customer to keep as well!

Product Information:
  SIZE: Charms are 1" high to the top of the "built-in" loop, not including the
attachment ring. the average width is approx .66".
HOW IT'S MADE: Each piece is hand pierced with an extra fine jeweler's saw. Details
like the bow shown on the little girl's charm can be handcrafted separately and hard soldered on
before the piece is hand finished.
TURNAROUND TIME: On average, 2 weeks is needed from receipt of the non-refundable
deposit, to guarantee their completion. 
ABOUT THE MATERIALS: The price quote
for anything other than sterling has a very short shelf life as gold and
platinum does change daily and can vary wildly over the course of 3-4 days.
So folks need to know that a price quoted is for that day and taking a week
to think on it may mean an increase in the price

Sterling Silver
10Kt. Gold
14Kt. Gold
These charms will be offered on my Etsy store beginning in 2011! 
Pricing and further information to come!

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