Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Custom Silhouette Pendants

A Custom Silhouette is sealed in time forever in this lovely pendant made just for you!

Necklace and drawstring bag included! 
One, Two, or Three subjects will fit into your Silhouette Pendant!

 Just send a perfect profile photo showing all the head, all the hair and no smiles.

Pendant description:
The pendant you see in these pictures are made on oval craft wood. A jewelry grade resin is used over the top of the silhouette so it has a clear, glossy finish. The back and sides are painted black and then coated with a clear varnish. A sterling plated anaraku bail is then cemented to the back to create the pendant. The necklaces in the photos are an 18" satin rattail with lobster clasp. 

Pendant Prices:
Single Subject $45 
Double Subject $55
Triple Subject $65
Shipping $6
Necklace and drawstring bag included! 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Sorry, no rush orders!

To Order your Custom Silhouette Pendant today, 
please visit My Etsy Store!

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