Saturday, August 15, 2009

Silhouette Pendants

I have some brand new Custom Silhouette Pendants up on my Etsy store now!
The above one is...well, a little expensive since it is entirely hand made by a jewler friend of mine, but considering the materials and all of the work invested, I think it is something that is well worth it and will last forever!
The setting is made of sterling silver, with each leaf hand stamped, and each scroll hand formed. The bezel is made of Mother of Pearl, and a sterling silver silhouette is then hand sawed, hand filed, hand polished, then mounted onto the Mother of Pearl. Whew! And did I mention the jewler puts his stamped signature on the back of the setting? This thing is for REAL!

And now for something completely new in the Silhouette Pendant world!

Hand Cut Miniature Silhouette by Silhouette Artist Kathryn Flocken

Below are the Silhouette Pendants that I am making myself, cut entirely by hand. I'm pretty sure I am the only Silhouette Artist making pendants this way (most -if not all- of the others are traced in Photoshop, filled in with black, shrunk down, then printed out).

So I thought to myself, "Why not make them the REAL way? Hand cut them...that IS what you do!" So I set out to see just how small I could cut the little guys. I got them down to about an inch and a half in size, and showed them to a friend. She said, "That's pretty good...but when you show me one the size of your thumbnail...THEN I'll be impressed." So...a few days later I showed my friend the cutting above.

I just love a challenge.

Thanks Julie!

So here's an affordable hand cut Silhouette Pendant mounted in an antiqued brass oval setting. This one is just $40, and it comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Just email me a right profile photo of your child, and I'll take it from there. It comes with a leather 18" cord, gift box, and the Certificate of Authenticity.

Custom Silhouette Pendant in silver with a domed bubble. $40
Includes cord, gift box and Certificate of Authenticity.

This Silhouette Pendant is a glass locket that opens and closes. I mount the silhouette onto a piece of vellum, so the silhouette can be easily removed. A piece of lace or colored paper can be placed into the locket, and the silhouette put on top. Voila! Close the latch and there you have an ever changing piece of jewelry that will match whatever you are wearing. $40.
Comes with cord, gift box and Certificate of Authenticity.

This silhouette pendant is much like the one above, except it is placed inside the glass and left there to float. Includes box, cord and Certificate of Authenticity. $30


  1. You are so talented as a silhouette artist, I love your work, and style, how lucky the world is to have you as a master silhouette artist.
    Cindi Harwood Rose