Friday, March 27, 2009

Silhouettes of Your Precious Pets.

Our four-legged friends are so dear! What better way to show they are valued family members than to have their shadows "immortalized" along with yours!

You can have your Pooch or Kittie's Silhouette cut...and even have their special markings added in if you like.
Equestrian Silhouettes.

Cat Silhouettes. Collars can be added in at no additional cost!

Dog Silhouettes. You can have multiple pets in a Silhouette portrait, too.

Silhouette Artist and pet lover Kathryn Flocken with Mei Mei.
"I'll take extra care to do a great job making your pet's hand-cut Silhouette!"
To see more samples, click here:
*Special requests are taken, so don't be afraid to ask.*

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